Friday, February 26, 2010

big snow

February is going out like a crazed lunatic. About 3 feet of snow over 2 days. More where it's drifted. It was up to the doorknob of the kitchen door so I escaped out the sliding glass doors. Thankfully, I have an emergency wood pile right outside the livingroom. That's one less thing to dig out.


Anonymous said...

Wow. We're just north of Saugerties and we only had an inch.-Priscilla

Anonymous said...

Hi John-
My name is Dolly and I found watchthehousegrow on the mainewood heat page. I am totally madly in love with your house-it truly is a beautiful sight to behold! Your landscape photos are a real joy to look at also. I have bookmarked your blog so I can check back from time to time. I really enjoyed your house tour and appreciate all the hard work you have done. Again-I just love your house!!