Friday, December 17, 2010

rails and fences

I put up a railing on the stairway and fence and railing along the top to match the railings on the catwalk above. I used 1-1/4 inch galvanized pipe and fittings.


bberburb said...

Curious, since I am inching closer to building a place of my own, how does the house feel? Would you do anthing different?

For lack of a better phrase, has it taken on a life of itself?


John Letourneau said...

Not really different, but when I get the funding I will install a solar hot water panel to preheat my hotwater and also run thru the radiant tubes in the concrete floor. Right now I use electric for my domestic hot water and my total monthly electric bill is only around 50 dollars, so I don't feel I'm in any hurry to spend for the upgrade. The house feels great. Seems much bigger than it's 1180 sqft. The wood-fired masonry stove heats the house well, and stays warm throughout the day and night.