Saturday, June 13, 2009


Now that the outdoor shower is hooked up and running, I'm starting on the indoor shower. I've attached aluminum 2 inch angle all around the perimeter of the shower floor with silicone. That should keep the water from seeping into the walls. If there is a small leak it shouldn't create much of a problem as my sill plates are all pressure treated. All the walls get a vapor barrier and then the back and left wall will get covered in galvanized roofing, while the right wall ( which will have the shower head and faucet)will get cement backerboard covered with a skim coat of fiber reinforced stucco. The floor is not sloped toward the drain so my idea is to cut in channels that slope toward the center drain with a circular saw and masonry blade. I'll have to fabricate some kind of sloping guide for the saw but I think it may work. I may need to take "navy showers" and keep a squeegee handy in case the water wants to start creeping down the hallway. The whole shower area is covered by a skylight so it will feel like an outdoor shower (but much warmer in the winter).

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