Monday, December 8, 2008

happy heating

My wood-fired masonry heater has been working like a dream. I built a fire last night before bed and the house stayed toasty all night. Outside dropped to the single digits with below zero wind chills. Inside, the temp went from 68 degrees last night down to 64 this morning. All from one armload of wood.


Ryan said...

Cozy! Great job by the way guys, love it! Have had many great dreams of one day owning and living in a barn of my own. Very awesome!


De La Mancha said...

Great work! Love the masonry wood fired heater! Any chance of finding out who it is made by?

~ David S. Brown

farmer john said...

Thanks, for the compliments. The masonry heater core is from Heat Kit, an outfit out of Canada. They have a good website online. The brickwork (thermal mass) was added by Brian Klipfel,a mason out of NJ.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,
i 'm from Italy and i'm study the build of your masonry heate :)

I love it very much and i'd like to know some things :
where is taken the air for the fire ? Is it taken from outside directly in the fireroom ? Can you manage the intensity of the fire ? How many kg (or libbras) of wood and how many times por day you use?

Sorry for my bad english ...i hope you understand....

If you can write to me , my email is :

Best regards :)