Monday, September 29, 2008

the outhouse door

I scraped and stripped the door Mike gave me. I don't know the whole backstory but he's been carrying it around for years from some Upper East Side NYC renovation. I put one coat of tung oil on it and it seems like enough for now. Hot water is on and the bathroom and kitchen are functioning.


Rendak said...

LOVE!! Looking gorgeous, darlin'. If we could afford it, we'd have u build a place for us. So proud of you and delighted for you. Big smooch.

Justin said...

The place is gorgeous! A question, if I may: what brands and models are the kitchen faucet and the sink?

farmer john said...

Thanks for the 2 "gorgeouses". The faucet is delta, maybe called the grail? and it was $79.00 (reg. $250.00 or so) at The sink is from IKEA and I think it ran about $140.00