Saturday, July 19, 2008

porch tin

Al and I finished putting up the tin porch ceiling. It's a bit dangerous to work with (buy some bandaids!) It adds almost no weight to the structure and is much cheaper than wood. Also it's recyclable, and looks great. A little more trim work and the exterior is done.


Nelson said...

What kind of wood did you use for the board and batten, and how did you strap it? Would love to hear more about the detailing. I'm thinking about something similar and would just like to know how you did it.

farmer john said...

The board and batten are rough cut local hemlock from a mill nearby. the boards are 10" wide and the battens are 3" wide, which I think is fairly standard. They all came approximately 16 feet long and where we had to, we scarfed the joints so the angle would shed water. We just put up boards over Tyvek and covered the joints with the battens. I think it cost around $2300.00 to do the whole house.
I'm not sure what you mean by strapping. If you mean the metal strap on the porch posts, It is just a cover plate for the holes thru which I inserted the galvanized pipe that I used for railings. I'm not treating the wood with anything and am letting it weather to grey naturally. I think it will hold up as well as on a barn. Im guessing 40 or 50 years without having to touch it.